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ETTG2020 Alicante, Spain
April 23-25, 2020

Welcome to this special event for teachers from all around the world! If you are looking to expand your community and the reach of your teachings, you won’t want to miss this gathering in beautiful Alicante.

Join us for 3 days with advanced training, transformational inspiration, community and heart-to-heart networking with the finest teachers in Europe. It is truly a rare and extraordinary experience.

Here is why you should join and what it’s all about:

  • It’s time for the European leaders and teachers to meet, share ideas and help each other.

  • Meet contemporary thought leaders and world-renowned teachers sharing their experience, insights and inspiration.

  • If you want to expand your hearts message and work in this world, this is the place where you’ll meet incredible heart-connected people.

  • As a participant at our the gathering, you will become a member of ETTG and automatically be invited to next year’s gathering.

  • You will have access to a closed networking forum for the European leaders and teachers.

  • Steinar Ditlefsen is presenting this gathering together with some extraordinary teachers. These are international top speakers and teachers with both a huge heart and huge success.

  • The teachers will all share from their journey, everything they have learned along the way as teachers. You will learn how to become a true transformational speaker and how to get you message out to the thousands of people who are waiting for you!

  • The gathering will take place in spectacular beautiful surroundings.


This event will take place in the beautiful hotel Huerto del Cura in Elche, Alicante.

The Venue:
Hotel Del Cura, Elche

The hotel is located in Elche, only 15 minuted from Alicante Airport (ALC). Taxi 20-25 €.
Guaranteed special room price, only 83 € per night single or double room.

The rooms are limited at this hotel. If no rooms are available, we recommend their beautiful sister hotel Jardin Milenio, at a walking distance of only 750 meters from Hotel Del Cura. The ETTG special price at this hotel is 68 €. For special rate, send your booking by email to: (ref. Steinar Ditlefsen’s ETTG2020)

The Program
Thursday April 23rd, register: 08.00 AM – 09.00 AM

Thursday April 23rd: Advanced training. Transformational inspiration. Connecting & Networking.

Friday April 24th: Advanced training. Transformational inspiration. Connection & Networking.

Saturday April 25th: Morning session. Trip to Tabarca Island*

Saturday April 25th: Evening dinner party and exclusive concert.**

* Transportation and lunch meal, Tabarca trip, ca. 35 Euro.
** Dinner ca 35 Euro 

Additional to the program, there might be announced one or two arrangements/excursions for the evenings. These events will have a fee for transportation and/or food (ca. 15-25 Euro). 

How to get get a ticket to ETTG2020?

Ticket price 497 Euro

For tickets, questions or information, please send an email to Steinar Ditlefsen referring to your ETTG2020 invitation

We look forward to welcoming you to the gathering!


Who can join the gathering?
Teachers, speakers, trainers, experts, messengers and thought leaders are invited to participate. Some will join by personal invitation from Steinar Ditlefsen, Stig Severinsen or our other special guests, and others will be invited by the friends who are participating.

3 requirements
Read carefully below to make sure you can honor the demands for participating:

  • Yes, you are a transformational teacher (speaker, trainer, expert or messenger in the field of spirituality or personal development)
  • Yes, you have a business as a teacher or plan to start one
  • Yes, you have a mission and want to make a difference in the world

This event is all about sharing & caring. See all the details for enrollment under Program & Venue.

A word from the founder

 I feel both blessed and proud that I can invite YOU to Alicante and to yet another European Transformational Teachers Gathering. You will meet some incredible people and you will get some incredible inspiration.

Since ETTG started in 2016, the gathering has been blessed by having the most amazing teachers sharing their insights and experience. Michael Beckwith was our first guest speaker and since then other world-renowned transformational teachers, international spiritual artists, world champion athletes and top experts have graced the stage.

ETTG2020 is our 5th anniversary and once again we'll have a room of the finest people from around the world and the best teachers to share transformational wisdom and powerful ideas.

I can’t wait to see you!

— Steinar

For tickets, questions or information, please send an email to Steinar Ditlefsen referring to your ETTG2020 invitation.

We look forward to welcoming you to the gathering!



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