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STEINAR DITLEFSEN "An inspiring speaker and transformational teacher with an international audience"

Born and growing up in Norway he moved to Denmark to marry his beloved wife Eva. Today they have got four beautiful kids and are now living in the wonderful Alicante in Spain.

He always knew he had something that was waiting to be expressed and shared. Somehow along the way as an inspirational speaker in the corporate world and later also as a recognized speaker trainer, he found that essentially everything is about listening, living and speaking from the heart.

Today Steinar is an inspiring speaker and transformational teacher. He speaks to his audiences in both English, Danish and Norwegian. Speakers, seminar Leaders and Experts from all over the world are visiting Steinar to learn impactful speaking and transformational communication.

His mission is to help people all over the world to connect with their hearts purpose and true intentions.

He therefore founded two international seminars European Transformational Teachers Gathering and IGNITE which attracts hundreds of participants from different countries every year.

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"When we connect with our purpose and power of the heart, people find happiness and peace, and the world can change"





To teach people all over the world connect with their hearts purpose and true intentions and  become transformational speakers and teachers.


Speaking from a true heart, with power and inspiration can ignite souls and change lives. This is what a transformational teacher do!


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